Password Reset on World Password Day

Well, I forgot another holiday. As I get older, it just happens more and more. Good news: It wasn’t my anniversary — though at this rate I’m sure to forget that soon enough. No, this time I forgot all about World Password Day. And you know what? I bet you did too.

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It’s just something about passwords. We forget them. We forget to reset them in time. We forget the “holidays” associated with them. We need something better, and when we can’t eliminate them, we need a better way to reset them. For ServiceNow customers, that means using something like Centrify Password Reset, available in the ServiceNow Store.

Without streamlining password resets, we end up with a mess. We all know what it’s like to reset your password without streamlined processes or tools. See if this sounds familiar to you:

When it’s time to create a new password, I get creative:

I think, “I visited Arkansas when I was nine, and I remember being impressed by a guy with an eyepatch and a pet Iguana!” So I create something SO MEMORABLE like:


It’s all caps and lowercase and not totally dictionary word based, except for Patch, and I am all happy and proud for about 45 seconds.

Then, confident in my new password, I try to remember where to go to reset it:

Do I open Outlook Web Access? Office 365? My email client? My phone? Some standalone tool that IT bought?

Ooh! I bet there’s a link in one of the 15 emails I received over the last 30 days that warn me that my domain password is going to expire again, just like it did 30 days ago. Let me look for that email…

What’s this other email? I need a presentation for an Analyst for an out-of-the next 20 minutes? Better get started…

And then I am done.

But wait — no. I’m not done at all! I just feel like I’m done. I did the hard thinking about what my new password should be. I even tried to reset it. So, my “I did the right thing” endorphins have flooded my brain, and I am on to the next item. I continue to ignore the emails that say I should reset my password, it expires, and I am locked out of the domain. Again.

This is a common problem. It’s not just me. IDC and Gartner agree that password reset tickets make up 40% of helpdesk tickets.  We need to make it easier for folks. We need to provide SSO, and leverage SAML and other password-eliminating tools everywhere we can, so passwords and password resets are minimized.

No PasswordsAnd for our domain password, we need to integrate password reset into our existing workflow. We need to eliminate standalone, easily forgotten processes. We need to help users to help themselves, so IT can be more productive.

And we need to do our best to eliminate passwords everywhere we can. So we can eliminate the last part of the password problem:

With my new password, created — I log in to email:

Up pops the password form, and I type my shiny new password. I stare at this:


Did I nail it? Is it right? How many asterisks are there? How many letters are in 9GuanoSasPirate? Or was it Lizard!Guacamole? GuantanamoGlassEye…


Learn more about password resets and Centrify Identity Services Automation for ServiceNow here.