Privilege vs. Productivity

Access to sensitive data is a constant worry; we only need to switch on the news to see another story of an attack or data breach. With concern mounting, it’s easy to see why there is high demand for new solutions to combat these threats.

With many businesses struggling to keep up with the demands of employees working in different locations, logging on from home, or traveling with mobile devices, there is an increasing need to manage the security of employee accounts.

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Appropriate assignment of administrative privileges is seen as one of the top security challenges. Restricting and protecting highly privileged domain or local accounts, without hindering users in performing necessary tasks, is an ongoing problem for organisations.

Many businesses will find themselves stuck in a security rut when it comes to granting administrative rights to particular highly privileged tasks, but failing to set up a secure access system can leave such privileges exposed and open to a security breach. Overcoming the problem can be complex and eat into vital employee time.

Past research from Gartner has noted that Linux and UNIX systems inherently lack a scalable and simple model for administrative delegation, so how do we fix this? By creating a single, unified privilege management system across Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms.

Instead of relying on complex scripting, proprietary databases, or expensive and fragile server architectures, Centrify Server Suite provides users with a single solution whereby Active Directory is used to contain roles and rights, and assignment of them to the correct users.

Finding a practical way to limit privileges without hindering employee productivity is a common headache for many organisations. In fact, some will even find that they knowingly expose themselves to insider attacks or unintentional errors, because finding a solution proves too complex or time consuming.

By using a single solution and architecture, Centrify’s privileged identity and access software can enable organisations to centrally control privileges on Windows, Linux and UNIX systems; making life a little simpler and freeing up valuable employee time. And to give an organisation full control and peace of mind, complete auditing of sessions and session replay is also available.

Centrify’s Server Suite enables organisations to rapidly consolidate identities into Active Directory, simplify privileged access management, and streamline user administration.

Identifying and mitigating identity-related risks is a high priority in the ever-changing world of online security. Protecting businesses from exposure to potential threats is just one of the constant challenges that many enterprises face.

By managing privilege and access across UNIX, Linux and Windows systems through a single pane of glass, businesses can free up valuable employee time, and put minds at ease.