Raise a Glass: Rémy Cointreau Chooses Centrify to Enable Secure Access to Apps from Any Device, Anywhere in the World

When it comes to some of the world’s finest Cognac and spirits, many of us turn to offerings from Rémy Cointreau. As one of the world’s leading alcoholic beverage brands, Rémy Cointreau employs 1,800 people all over the world and has more than $1 billion in annual sales. Rémy Cointreau recently chose Centrify to enable secure access to apps from any device, anywhere in the world. 

cognacWhen Chief Technology Officer Sébastien Huet joined Rémy Cointreau in 2015, one of his primary objectives was to help transform the company into a more agile organization. A key component of that transition would be the upgrade of its IT infrastructure to provide more flexibility, respond better to changing employee habits and deliver exceptional support for the business. One of the key goals in Rémy’s cloud transformation project was to ensure users could access anything from a mobile device that they could access from their laptops — in the same easy way.

Rémy Cointreau recently joined Centrify on stage at the #CentrifyConnect user conference. “We have many cloud apps from many different vendors and Centrify provides a portal through which users can get access to all those applications with a click or tap, from any device,” said Sébastien Huet, chief technology officer at Rémy Cointreau. “In effect, Centrify ties all the apps together and gives them the feel of one large, unified solution. Centrify wasn’t a financial decision, it was a strategic move based on the agility it would deliver the company.”

Rémy is looking forward to implementing Centrify’s multi-factor authentication next. “For the same reasons, it makes sense to leverage the Centrify solution to the furthest degree possible,” he says. “The selection of Centrify was a strategic one, squarely focused on increasing our flexibility. But the ability to reduce our costs through the displacement of adjacent products can’t be overstated.”

Since implementing Centrify Identity Service (CIS), Rémy has simplified the onboarding of new employees and driven increases in productivity. “New employees are productive more quickly after joining the company and existing employees are more efficient as well,” added Huet. 

For more details on the Rémy Cointreau story, download the case study or visit Rémy Cointreau customer site.