Samsung Partners with Centrify to Democratize Mobile Management (EMM)

Over the last few months, there have been exciting market developments in the enterprise mobility space highlighting two macro trends:

#1 The need for mobile device vendors to deliver more than just a device but also a packaged mobile device and app management solution that enables their devices readily for business use and adoption by enterprises (Cases in point:  Apple + IBM partnership and Blackberry “EZ Pass” EMM).

#2 The rise of identity to be a clear driver and differentiator for enterprise mobility management vendors. With the convergence of cloud-based Identity and Access Management (“IAM”) and Enterprise Mobile Management (“EMM”) feature sets, many vendors are now bundling these solutions together (Cases in point: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite and VMware Workspace Suite, with Centrify being the visionary and leader in this convergence by being the first to deliver an integrated EMM and IAM offering).

In this blog I will outline how Samsung has set a new precedent for the mobile industry and addresses the above trends with its new enterprise mobility products announced today and its expanded strategic partnership with Centrify. I will also translate what this means for the market and customers.

Here’s a recap of today’s two new announcements:

First, Samsung unveiled four new compelling solution offerings today that simplify BYOD and “democratize” Samsung mobile device security and management by making it available to everyone via free and paid solutions. Specifically:

  • MyKNOX (free) is for individuals
  • KNOX Express (free) is for small & medium businesses
  • KNOX Premium (paid) is for enterprise & government organizations
  • KNOX IAM (paid) is for any organization that wants cloud identity management features such as cross-platform SSO, MFA, user provisioning to 2500+ SaaS apps.

The first three solutions are integrated products of KNOX Workspace and KNOX EMM.

Second, Samsung has expanded the scope of its strategic OEM partnership with Centrify powering key technology for Samsung’s KNOX EMM cloud service — including solutions such as KNOX IAM mentioned above.

Why did Samsung bring these new products to market?

Samsung wants to instantly empower every business user in the world — irrespective if they work for a small, medium or large organization — to simply and quickly enable their Samsung mobile devices for work.  Two things are needed to make this a reality: One is delivering a secure, affordable Android device that is accepted into the workplace (one that IT can trust and control). Second is providing an “out of the box” cloud-based device and app management service that can readily be used to get employees setup and productive with their shiny devices.

With MyKNOX and KNOX Express, Samsung has democratized its KNOX hardware and software mobile security features along with a cloud management service by offering it for FREE to individuals and SMB organizations globally. For larger organizations that want dedicated technical support and advanced features, KNOX Premium will meet their needs with an affordable solution at $1 per device per month. Most importantly, these solutions will provide coverage for cross-platform devices in a business — not just Samsung devices — e.g. Apple iOS and non-Samsung Android devices will also be supported with these solutions.  Learn more on detailed product/feature comparisons and device coverage.

Why did Samsung partner with Centrify?

Samsung and Centrify have been in a strategic partnership for more than 2 years, with a shared vision of simple and easy integration of Samsung devices into the enterprise — to ultimately make mobile app access from their leading devices and tablets seamless for business users.

To enable such seamless app access, Samsung realized it is fundamentally important to deliver not just the device but also a cloud service that is integrated with the device for unified user, app, role and device management that makes this possible “out of the box.” Samsung recognized the strategic role of cloud and mobile identity that enables this vision and recently invested in Centrify and has expanded the scope of its OEM partnership with Centrify.

smart card service samsung

The partnership now moves beyond Active Directory-based Single Sign On (“SSO”), as Centrify now powers the core cloud IAM features, cloud service and co-developed the Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) features of the KNOX EMM platform that is bundled as part of the various KNOX solutions.  Centrify’s IDaaS will also be sold by Samsung as a new SaaS solution — KNOX IAM — a cloud-based identity and access management solution that will be available for purchase via the KNOX Marketplace, a cloud marketplace platform to unify the purchase, delivery, billing and identity/access management of cloud apps, and its ecosystem of global resellers and carriers.

KNOX IAM provides several advanced identity management features such as unlimited application single-sign on from any device/desktop, multi-factor authentication (MFA), SaaS user provisioning, support for 2500+ SaaS and mobile applications, and advanced reporting. KNOX IAM is also the de-facto cloud IAM service for SaaS and mobile apps that are purchased via KNOX Marketplace.

What do these new KNOX offerings mean for customers?

EMM_screenshotThis news essentially translates to two things: BYOD made simple and mobile security for everyone. Employees of any organization in the world can now stay productive accessing work email and apps on their choice of mobile devices securely and for free while protecting their personal privacy. They can also track and manage their devices in case they are lost or stolen through a simple to use web portal.

The net net is Samsung is now delivering the industry’s only EMM offering that combines cloud-based MDM with identity federation for mobile and SaaS apps — quite a game-changer for disrupting and democratizing enterprise mobility.

In my next blog I will zoom in from the lens of a customer by giving some examples of how Samsung’s mobility management offerings can be used to address common IT and employee productivity problems and how it compares and contrasts to other EMM offerings in the market.