Samsung to OEM Centrify for Single Sign-On and Mobile Management

Samsung Know plus Centrify

Centrify announced today at Mobile World Congress that Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd., has selected Centrify to provide key enabling technology for Samsung’s next generation Android-based platform, called KNOX. This new OEM partnership between Samsung and Centrify will embed Centrify’s Active Directory-based mobile security and cloud identity technology on tens of millions of Samsung devices. For more information on Samsung KNOX, visit For more information on Centrify’s Samsung OEM relationship, visit

Example of a Samsung device running KNOX being managed by Centrify.  
Note ability to create/remove/lock/unlock a Container on the Device.

Example of a Samsung device running KNOX being managed by Centrify. Note ability to create/remove/lock/unlock a Container on the Device.

Through this OEM software license and marketing agreement, Centrify will enable both multi-application SSO for mobile and web apps and Group Policy-based management of Samsung’s new KNOX platform and devices. The end result is that customers can use an existing infrastructure — Microsoft Active Directory — to manage Samsung devices and the KNOX container, as well as enable mobile single sign-on for applications inside the container. The Centrify and Samsung partnership also includes re-sale of Centrify premium mobile and SaaS Single Sign-on offerings via Samsung partners (like carriers, systems integrators and mobile network operators), as well as joint marketing to Samsung customers and partners.

“Samsung selected Centrify because they are experts in integrating Active Directory with data center, cloud and mobile resources, and also because they uniquely deliver both mobile authentication and AD-based policy management of virtual containers in a single solution. The end result of this partnership between Samsung and Centrify is that consumers not only get the right mobile solution for work and play and the productivity gains of having one-click sign-on to their enterprise apps, but enterprise IT also leverages existing tools and skill sets to securely manage users’ work containers while knowing there is a clean separation of enterprise and personal data.”

Dr. Injong Rhee, Senior Vice President, B2B R&D at Samsung Electronics

As part of the agreement, Centrify will also help Samsung power the growth of an easy-to-use, developer kit and ISV app ecosystem for Android in the enterprise through the licensing of its Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) Software Development Kit (SDK) into the Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) SDK Framework. This enables any Android app developer to use this SAFE mobile client SDK within their rich native mobile app to enable “Zero Sign-On” from Samsung’s new devices to their cloud based applications. ISVs such as Box, Catch and Onvelop are part of a growing list of ecosystem partners which are in various stages of enhancing their apps using the Centrify MAS SDK to support Zero Sign-On inside Samsung KNOX containers. App developers can learn more by visiting

Centrify is very excited about this strategic relationship, and we look forward to our technology being deployed on tens of millions of devices and having millions of users rely on our cloud service for SaaS and app single sign-on. This will quickly launch Centrify as a leader in both mobile device management (MDM) and SaaS single sign-on (SSO) markets, building upon its strength in delivering on-premise security software for 4,000+ customers. I will blog in more detail on Samsung KNOX and details of the OEM relationship in future blogs.