SAP Security and Cyberattacks Do Not Mix

Let’s face it — if you’re using SAP to run your business, you simply can’t afford to allow a cyberattack to affect your critical business application. Until now, security for SAP has not been at the forefront of addressing a prevalent cause of data breaches — compromised credentials.

compromised credentials

Within a typical SAP landscape, organizations may have ordinary users, power users/basis admins and mobile users, all of whom access the network from different user interfaces. And, of course, you need infrastructure to power the SAP applications, as the infrastructure is vital to a high-performance environment. All too often, these two worlds rarely intersect because different teams have distinct responsibilities.

When it comes to protecting the digital identities of all workers, we at Centrify don’t believe you should settle for half of a solution. Since the attack surface of an SAP environment can be quite expansive, Centrify brings a comprehensive view to securing both the underlying IT infrastructure for SAP, as well as the various SAP applications. According to the Ponemon Institute’s research study, the majority of those surveyed believe their SAP systems have been recently compromised, proving that we cannot stand by while systems continue to be targeted.

By introducing Centrify to an SAP landscape, Centrify will help organizations:

In short, our approach to secure the infrastructure AND the applications allows organizations to secure their SAP environment greater than before. Centrify is proud to be showcasing its unique and securer approach to protecting SAP environments at the SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference 2016 . We invite all attendees to visit Centrify at booth 1246 to learn how we can help prevent your SAP environment from being vulnerable to cyberattacks.