Secure Identity Management in Higher Education with Centrify

All higher education institutions are concerned with the security of student identities, as they should be.

Higher education

Many years ago, in most colleges and universities (and still some today) it was common practice to use a student’s social security number as their ID. Today, many universities and colleges have replaced the social security number with a randomly generated student ID number that links to the student profile. They then worked hard to provide SSO solutions to all of the systems and applications students need access to. Of course this was easier said than done, and in many cases not all of the applications or systems could be integrated with the SSO solution, and the university had to maintain complex vendor or open source solutions.

Fast forward to today, where the growing popularity of distance learning has become more common practice and a degree can now be earned from almost anywhere in the world online. Adding to this complexity is the use of more cloud-based services to save money and migrate to best of breed providers. One example of an application used in universities and colleges is Blackboard. Blackboard is a worldwide leader that specializes in engaging interfaces focused on the learner, and offer services, analytics, and communication-building education technologies and tools to support learning for all.

As distance learning grows in popularity along with it comes new challenges — like managing access and providing a great experience to students from desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

How can Centrify help?

At Centrify, we can help manage access to critical applications like Blackboard by controlling which users can access the application, and give students the ability to get access from any device, from anywhere, with a single credential. The Centrify Identity Service is a cloud platform that does not require any hardware, is easy to setup, and supports over 3500 applications.



remote access

To support advanced security requirements, multi-factor authentication and advanced policies like location-based access can be enabled.

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With Centrify’s Identity Service, universities and colleges can now easily embrace best in breed cloud providers’ solutions (like Blackboard), while meeting their security requirements and providing students a great experience from any device, anywhere.

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