Centrify is re-certified by SAP and adds a second certification for Netweaver AS Java users

For many years now, Centrify has also provided an SAP-certified solution to deliver SAPgui users single sign on to Netweaver via the BC_SNC interface leveraging their Active Directory Credentials. Just recently we announced a second certification received from SAP to provide single sign on for users of NetWeaver AS Java based applications leveraging their Active Directory credentials. To provide this single sign-on (“SSO”) experience Centrify delivers a Java Authentication and Authorization Services plugin for BC_AUTH_JAAS, which is the SAP-certified interface for providing authentication plug-ins to NetWeaver AS Java. With our second certification we can offer customers robust Active Directory based single sign on to either SAPgui or web browser users.

The Centrify provided Netweaver AS Java login module is super easy to install, configure and maintain. Below is a screenshot where the Centrify login module is configured into the login stack for applications such as SAP Enterprise Portal (EP).

As part of the DirectControl for Applications add-on to the Centrify Suite, the Netweaver AS Java login module delivers several unique and compelling value adds that we believe make this solution worth checking out.

First, Centrify provides automatic support for complex Active Directory environments in large enterprises. These include the important features such as AD sites and services, the global catalog, automatic domain controller failover, complex one and two-way cross-forest trusts, and NTLM.

Second, Centrify provides automatic Kerberos configuration, keytab generation and maintenance as well as automatic configuration management including time synchronization with Active Directory and even a local cache in case Active Directory is not available or there is a network failure.

Third, Centrify includes the industry-leading identity and access solution for the underlying *NIX operating system hosting SAP as an optional part of the solution. Much like a Windows desktop is a secured network resource by joining Active Directory, so too is the UNIX or Linux server that SAP runs on by using DirectControl to join the machine to Active Directory. Administrators can use their Active Directory credentials to log in to UNIX or Linux, configure and manage the server through Group Policy, control authorization at a granular level and even capture the shell sessions for later audit and reporting. All of the same benefits of using Centrify DirectControl for Systems are valid in the context of the Centrify DirectControl for SAP solution.

Finally, Centrify provides the industry’s best support from the Active Directory and Kerberos experts. Centrify has more dedicated engineers, service and support personnel dedicated to Active Directory integration single sign-on then any alternative vendor offering.

Our SAP customers have always appreciated the enhanced user productivity provided by single sign on leveraging their Active Directory credentials via Kerberos, the reduction of help desk burden regarding password and account resets as well as the best in class support for Active Directory from the industry experts at Centrify. Perhaps most appreciated is the fact that SAP administrators can also leverage their Active Directory identity, control access and audit activity at the SAP server part of the complete deployment of the Centrify Suite. With this newly certified login module for Netweaver AS Java browser users, and with our existing solution for SAPgui users, both of which are add-ons to the industry’s best identity and access management solution for UNIX and Linux, Centrify provides both a robust and compelling security solution for SAP shops. We hope you check it out and give it a spin!

Finally, here are the certifications we received from SAP: BC-AUTH-JAAS and BC-SNC.