How Single Sign-On (SSO) Empowers the Enterprise

Password managers are popping up across enterprises. And, many have a full electronic rolodex of passwords and usernames for all applications ranging from Amazon Prime account to a TurboTax login. While juggling authentication in one’s personal life might not be an issue, doing so professionally is cumbersome, and ultimately undermines productivity.

username and password - small

The modern organization has an app for everything. It’s how we manage projects and delegate tasks, how we see the history of a sales interaction in a lead’s contact information, and even how we contact one another in the office. Technology has made it much easier for us to make transactions and get things done — but it’s also exposed us to potential threats.

Every few months or so, there’s a newsworthy data breach, putting us all on edge. Data security is a hot topic these days, and one of the easiest ways you can protect and empower an enterprise is through single sign-on (SSO).

Instead of hoping to remember all the passwords for every app at work or, worse, using the same credentials for everything, SSO has allowed us to quickly and easily access all the things we need to complete our daily tasks. Best of all, it’s safe, and all our information is tucked away in an Active Directory.

Using SSO within the Samanage platform enables our users to complete their tasks easily, while also reducing the number of tickets they have for password resets. At Samanage, we believe that any app you bring into your organization should make work life better, and that’s just what SSO will do for you.