SSO Reduces Password Toll on Employees

In a recent CIO Journal/Wall Street Journal article “Report: Passwords Take a Toll on Employees”, author Rachael King cites the findings of a recent study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with single sign on as a solution to remedy employee attempts to cope with authentication across multiple devices and applications, and having to remember too many passwords.

Too many passwords

According to King, the NIST study found that “…employees may follow poor security measures in navigating password-protected systems because they are simply trying to get their work done…[and] are often aware that coping mechanisms such as writing down passwords or reusing passwords are not ideal…”.  King further cites that “…as a remedy researchers suggested that companies move to single sign on technology that would require workers to remember only one password for multiple systems…”

We at Centrify wholeheartedly agree with the NIST researchers’ sentiments around moving to single sign on technology to simplify the end user experience and enhance IT security and control.  With single sign on users only have to remember one username and password to access all of their applications whether in the Cloud, on-premises, or via mobile devices.  In addition, IT can control user access to applications and mitigate risks associated with unauthorized user access (HeartBleed anyone?).

The Centrify User Suite provides end users with a single Active Directory- or Cloud-based login to corporate resources, including Cloud-based SaaS apps such as Office 365, and WebEx, as well as personal apps such as Twitter and LinkedIn; all from PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

What’s your take on the NIST report findings? How many login credentials can you remember?