Driving Success for our Partners, and for Centrify

We recently announced that Centrify’s channel revenue contribution nearly doubled in our fiscal year 2013 over fiscal year 2012.  Our channel organization has been laser-focused on some key areas to grow our partners and onboard new partners that satisfy our GTM strategies.  Channel engagement and execution is critical to our success as a software and cloud vendor moving forward.   We have been spending a lot of time inspecting our historical activities, determining best practices, identifying key partner profiles, and aligning our sales teams to work in tandem with our channel teams to create a truly mature channel cadence.  Through this process, we have peeled back the onion to determine what’s working and what’s not working and how can we replicate the activities that are driving our success.  We found that there are four main contributing factors that have resulted in our increased growth and channel execution.

  1. The launch of our enhanced Centrify Channel Partner Network in January has proven to be a great catalyst for a more strategic approach to how we are working with our partners and helping them be successful moving forward.  Planning, enablement and lead generation efforts are accelerating channel contribution and we are expecting 90 percent growth of channel contributed revenue by the end of our fiscal year in June.   At the Premier Level, the top tier of our channel program, partners have contributed tremendously to this trend, and are recognizing strong margin and revenue growth.
  2. As the world continues to adopt cloud computing and technologies more consistently, this is adding further credibility into our channel strategy of fitting into those go-to-market strategies and technology focuses of our partners.  One specific cloud technology integrator told me, “Wow, this fits within our story perfectly.  We are selling and implementing all of these cloud technologies (Salesforce, Google Apps, Concur, O365) and your solution is the perfect enabler to adopt and grow into these services.  Not only does it ensure the data accessed is secure, but also helps our customers migrate and deploy cloud technologies 5x faster; which in the end saves them money.”  This was a great quote, and is a perfect example of how we are catering our message to our audience in the channel and customer environments.  It’s not the first time I’ve heard this from the channel either.
  3. Centrify can provide partners with very lucrative margins and the ability to provide true differentiators into the marketplace over their competition.  Our strategy here is not to saturate the market and recruit every partner in every region.  What’s worked really well is focusing on driving more activity with current partners, and also recruiting.  Our recruitment strategy is very important, as we do not want to onboard too much competition in any given region.  We have been focused on recruitment of specific organizations that fill territory, technology and vertical gaps.
  4. Our 10 year history and industry leading technology has provided the past performance and credibility in the marketplace.  Our new program has really built our brand with current and prospective partners.  There are a lot of vendors out there that play in our spaces, but Centrify is the only company on the planet that provides identity management across all silos of the enterprise.

In a nutshell, we are extremely excited to be growing a true channel-centric organization here at Centrify.  For each and every transaction we work on, we strive to ensure a positive experience for both our partners and customers.  As we continue to grow our revenues and evolve our partner program, every partner will be critical to the success of Centrify.  This is a really exciting time in the cloud market, and we want to capitalize on that with our partners!

With Centrify, channel partners can offer their customers a better way to reduce operational and helpdesk costs by centralizing identity management and standardizing on a single set of tools and processes. Centrally managing access rights and privileges strengthens security and enforces consistent security policies across heterogeneous systems.  We are 100 percent invested in driving mutual success for each partner in our program.