Delivering Active Directory-based Single Sign-on to Office 365

It was neat to see at this week’s Microsoft TechEd that Centrify announced our latest cloud service offering — Centrify for Office 365. Centrify for Office365 is an easy-to-deploy Microsoft Azure-based service…As part of this announcement we also announced Microsoft has evaluated Centrify for Office 365…and has qualified it as a “Works with Office 365” solution, so also nice to get that validation from Microsoft itself. In this blog post I want to provide an overview of our solution for Office 365, and in future blog posts will drill down a bit more on how Centrify for Office 365 differs from what Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) provides vis a vis Office 365 single sign-on.

SaaS Single Sign-on in Action

Recently Centrify announced the general availability of Centrify for Mobile 2013 and Centrify for SaaS 2013, a set of integrated capabilities enabled by the Centrify Cloud Service platform that delivers secure, enterprise-class mobility management with integrated cloud and SaaS Single Sign-on (SSO) to improve security and increase workforce productivity in the enterprise. In this blog post I want to walk you through single sign-on capabilities from an end user perspective.

As Enterprises Adopt Cloud, Spotlight on Identity Shines

Today Centrify announced a new cloud-based offering that lets organizations centrally secure and control access to their increasing deployments of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps and other cloud services, while also giving end users much needed single sign-on to address the password sprawl associated with these new technologies. Instead of going into the details of this announcement, I wanted to use this blog post to provide some thoughts on the challenges enterprises are facing as they embrace both cloud and mobile vis a vis identity.

Centrify Rolls out New Release of Mobile Device Management

Last week we released a new version of Centrify for Mobile that provides several new and enhanced features including the Centrify Mobile Manager for iOS app, PKI authentication for Wi-Fi network access on iOS devices, Exchange configuration for Touchdown on Android devices, Group Policy controls for several new Restrictions settings in iOS 6 and other improvements. In this blog post I will provide details on some of these new features.

Centrify Now Offers Free US Government PIV and Military CAC Support for the Mac

Yesterday we extended our free Centrify Express security and management offerings beyond UNIX, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android to include free smartcard support for the Mac environment. One specific use case is that it enables US Government civilian and defense agency employees and contractors to use for free any CAC, CACNG and PIV Smart Card on Mac OS X for secure two-factor authentication to web resources, VPN and encrypted email.

Centrify Insight – our Splunk App – Enhanced to Improve Visibility into Risks Associated with User Access and Activity

Centrify Insight was recently updated on splunkbase to version 1.3. As I have previously blogged, Centrify Insight is a free monitoring and reporting tool built on Splunk that helps you identify and analyze authentication, authorization and other events taking place on the UNIX, Linux and Mac systems managed by Centrify Suite or Centrify Suite Express.

Spanning Mobile Devices to Mainframes and Everything in Between

The net result is Centrify’s unified auditing and access management capabilities now span more than 375 operating system platforms – the industry’s broadest range of resources operating on premise or in the cloud – and uniquely span from mobile devices to mainframes and hundreds of flavors of desktop and server operating systems and applications in between.

What’s New in Centrify Suite 2012.2

Last week we came out with a new release to our suite of solution. This latest and greatest version is called Centrify Suite 2012.2, which updates DirectControl to version 5.0.2, DirectAuthorize to version 2.0.2, DirectAudit to 2.0.2, and DirectManage Deployment Manager to 2.1.2. Customers can download it here while Express users can get it here. While a minor update, we have packed into a number of goodies that I want to talk to you about in this blog post.