Centrify for Mac 2014.1 Integrates Cloud-based Management and Expands Smart Card Services

We are happy to introduce Centrify for Mac 2014.1, which builds upon our best-in-class Active Directory integration to provide users with Single Sign-on (SSO) to our catalog of more than 3000 web and SaaS Apps through integration with the Centrify Cloud Service. The integration with the Centrify Cloud Service also provides IT admins with remote management of Macs as well as the user’s mobile devices. This release also provides expanded support for Smart Cards with integrations into other popular applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird and the DoD Encryption Wizard. We built Centrify for Mac to empower Corporate IT to manage Macs…

Solving account lockout by eliminating use of passwords by using PKI certificates

Have you ever been forced to change your password on your laptop only to find that you got your AD account locked about an hour later? If your company is like mine, we require our login passwords to be changed every 90 days, and what a pain that is just because we don’t allow reusing passwords, they have to be complex with mixed case and both alpha and numeric characters and at least 8 characters long, yes it could be more complex

About Centrify and PIV Certificate Problem

Happy Valentine’s Day! We received a report about a login problem on a military web site, using a Dual Persona card and Centrify product.  In the interests of simplicity, I’m going to break this blog into several separate sections beginning with the customers’ environment. The Customer’s Environment User has a Dual Persona card (also known as CACNG or Dual-Identity) User wants to log in to a web site that is protected by PIV Authorization certificate, e.g., web.mail.mil User has installed either Centrify Express for Smart Card, or Centrify for Mac. Steps to Reproduce Install Centrify Express for Smart Card or Centrify…

What Is SystemCACertificates.keychain and How To Use It

Did you know that you can make your Macintosh trust most DoD Military CAC Cards easily? Many Government Employees, Uniform Military Personnel and Federal Contractors are probably completely unaware of this neat little Macintosh feature that instantly does away with the headaches and frustrations that often come when provisioning a Macintosh for CAC card access.