Announcing Centrify’s New Analytics Service

After about two years of incredible hard work from the Centrify team, I am excited to announce the Centrify Analytics Service! Our goal for Centrify Analytics Service is to extend the Centrify Identity Services Platform to provide risk-based access management across apps and infrastructure. We all by now agree that IT and security teams in any enterprise are challenged with the risk of being breached in an enterprise that spans across cloud, mobile and data center. Traditional perimeter-based security is not good enough anymore, and the industry supports this claim: PwC in Information Security Breaches Survey 2016 titled, “A matter of when,…

The Government Cloud is Coming

If you’re like me, you’ve been hearing the phrase, “the cloud is coming” for years before you ever learned that winter was too. I never read any of the books, which first came out in 1996, so it wasn’t until the Game of Thrones TV series started in 2011 that I first heard the phrase “winter is coming.” So, when did I start hearing of the cloud’s inevitability? For me, the “cloud” started when people began insisting that it didn’t really exist, like Oracle’s Larry Ellison did back in 2008. And I distinctly remember thinking that ‘ol Larry had a point….