Comparing Active Directory DirSync and User Provisioning Options for Office 365

DirSync is notorious for requiring AD remediation and often doesn’t fit the bill and requires a full blown and custom implementation of Forefront Identity Manager. Centrify has recently announced availability of user lifecycle management and provisioning across cloud and mobile including for Office 365. In this and subsequent blog posts I will examine the major challenges with DirSync and how Centrify can greatly enhance the deployability and manageability of Office 365.

How Office 365 is Bringing Back Microsoft’s Mojo

Microsoft received ample criticism for its “Lost Decade” spanning 2000-2010 when it ceded leadership in search to Google, in consumer devices to Apple and in web services to Amazon – all while its stock price remained flat. While the company had some bright spots – it tripled revenue to $65B and doubled net income to $19B – it’s undeniable that huge opportunities were missed. Fast forward to recent developments. In the past 9 months Microsoft’s stock is up 30% – more than the S&P 500, Google and Amazon. New CEO Satya Nadella and his focus on making Microsoft a mobile…

Driving Success for our Partners, and for Centrify

We recently announced that Centrify’s channel revenue contribution nearly doubled in our fiscal year 2013 over fiscal year 2012. Our channel organization has been laser-focused on some key areas to grow our partners and onboard new partners that satisfy our GTM strategies. Channel engagement and execution is critical to our success as a software and cloud vendor moving forward. We have been spending a lot of time inspecting our historical activities, determining best practices, identifying key partner profiles, and aligning our sales teams to work in tandem with our channel teams to create a truly mature channel cadence.

Cloud Identity and Active Directory Integration in a ‘Mobile First, Cloud First’ World

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO, has been widely covered in the news talking about Microsoft’s new strategy of ‘Mobile First, Cloud First.’  We wholeheartedly agree with this philosophy and it really shows in our Centrify User Suite, an integrated cloud, Mac and mobile offering.  In this blog post I’ll discuss some of my thoughts regarding what Microsoft offers vis a vis cloud identity and compare/contrast that to what Centrify offers. First, let me make it clear we also wholeheartedly agree with Microsoft about the value of two key elements of their cloud strategy – Office 365, and Azure.  Azure is available to customers…

The College Basketball-ization of the Enterprise IT Landscape

As I listened to Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella give his first press conference and talk about how Microsoft is going to deliver new solutions that lie at the “intersection of cloud and mobile computing” — think Office for iPad — it got me thinking how heterogeneous today’s IT infrastructure has really become and just how fragmented the IT vendor landscape is today. Case in point was that Microsoft would use its new CEO’s very first press conference to primarily demonstrate new Microsoft products on Apple’s underlying platform.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite – Welcome to the Party!

Today Microsoft announced its new solutions including Office for iPad that lie at the “intersection of cloud and mobile computing.” Overall, I think today’s announcement does a nice job of setting the tone that Microsoft intends to be a major cloud and mobile vendor no matter what the underlying operating system is, and shows its willingness to embrace platforms that are not tied to the Microsoft moniker.

Centrify Continues Office 365 Partnership Momentum with Upcoming Office 365 Webinars

Centrify for Office 365 was introduced at TechEd North America in June this year, just a few weeks after it passed a myriad of functional tests by Microsoft to qualify as a “Works with Office 365 – Identity” solution. Since then, Centrify has been partnering with Microsoft headquarter and field teams to bring the solution to our mutual prospects and customers – including plans to jointly present at a couple of upcoming customer webinars that I have highlighted at the bottom of this post.

IDaaS: Identity as a service, what does it mean?

Seem like we have Everything as a Service now (Software, Platform, Infrastructure…), so what does one of the more recent ones, ‘Identity as a Service’, mean? Well the ‘as a Service’ tail means that something that you used to build, run, support and maintain in-house is now provided as a utility, in the same way you get electricity, water and phone service. Or for new companies it means starting with these as utilities in the first place. Why has this become popular? Because of the predictable cost and quality of service.

Record Results

Every six months or so I like to give our current and prospective customers and partners an update on the status of our business. In my last update 6 months ago I highlighted Centrify’s OEM agreement with Samsung whereby Samsung will embed Centrify’s identity and mobile management capabilities as part of its upcoming Knox platform for enterprises. In this update I want to draw attention to our recently concluded Fiscal Year results (FY ending June 30) whereby the company posted its best-ever fiscal year, with record bookings and revenue; and that we are on track to exceed plans to grow sales more than 40 percent when comparing the current calendar year to last calendar year.

Just Out: Centrify Suite 2013 R2 (aka 2013.2)

Today Centrify announced that it has shipped Centrify Suite 2013 Release 2 (“2013.2”), a pretty significant update to our flagship Centrify Suite that provides an integrated “Active Directory Bridge” plus Privileged User Management solution for Windows, UNIX and Linux systems (including user-level auditing), as well as additional capabilities such as server isolation and encryption of data-in-motion. Featuring advanced security configuration and ease-of-use functionality, as well as improved auditing and reporting capabilities, this new release of the Centrify Suite has been specifically designed to further enable organizations to quickly and effectively mitigate risks from internal threats, meet compliance requirements, and reduce operational costs across the broadest set of cross-platform systems deployed on-premise and in the cloud. In this blog post I will drill down a bit into some of the new functionality we introduced in Centrify Suite 2013.2.