Centrify Demoing the Latest KNOX 2.4 features at MWC 2015

If you’ve read my last blog, you know that the Centrify mobile team is in full force at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and demoing some of the latest mobile features of Centrify Identify Service. Together with our partner Samsung, we are excited to announce and demo some of the new features in the KNOX 2.4 platform released this week. One key new feature is Bulk enrollment for Android on Samsung devices. This gives IT administrators the ability to enroll devices into Centrify Identity Service, or Knox EMM, without having physical access to the device. This was a feature in…

Simple but Strong: Why IdM (done right) is a No-Brainer

Centrify regional sales manager Derek Morwood explains that the 4Chan nude celebrity photo hack is the latest evidence that we need to move past passwords. The nub of the problem with password-based protection is that a memorable password means it is also more easily hackable. Derek says we can get rid of most passwords by using Identity Management (IdM) services such as Centrify’s Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) platform. The great news is that Centrify and its partner Samsung are now democratizing IdM so it is both accessible and affordable for virtually anyone who goes online.

Samsung Partners with Centrify to Democratize Mobile Management (EMM)

Over the last few months, there have been exciting market developments in the enterprise mobility space highlighting two macro trends: #1 The need for mobile device vendors to deliver more than just a device but also a packaged mobile device and app management solution that enables their devices readily for business use and adoption by enterprises (Cases in point:  Apple + IBM partnership and Blackberry “EZ Pass” EMM). #2 The rise of identity to be a clear driver and differentiator for enterprise mobility management vendors. With the convergence of cloud-based Identity and Access Management (“IAM”) and Enterprise Mobile Management (“EMM”)…

Samsung continues to invest in KNOX and partners with Google to contribute key KNOX technologies to make Android more secure for everyone

Recently there has been some significant news from Google and Samsung related to Android security. So let me use my first blog as part of the Centrify team to share some perspectives on this announcement and my opinions on where the mobile security market is heading. Before I continue, you may be asking – Why Centrify? What role do they play in this space? Why does Centrify care about Android and security? Good questions!

CIOs Need Help Embracing Mobility and Cloud, Part 2: New Tools

In Part I of this blog, we talked about the benefits and risks associated with new trends in enterprise IT.Today, forward-looking organizations are already embracing BYOD, mobility and cloud.  But balancing convenience with security is no easy task.  Fortunately, the same vey trends are also giving birth to a new set of tools which combine terrific user experience for employees with security and peace of mind for IT. One example of such a tool is the mobile container technology (such as  FixMo SafeZone, Sencha Space and Divide).   A container is a virtual environment on a mobile device that separates personal data from…

Centrify @Dreamforce – Come visit us at Booth #137- Win a Samsung Galaxy Gear!

@Centrify is @Dreamforce this week as a Salesforce.com Partner and Dreamforce sponsor @ Moscone West – Booth #W137. Come visit our booth and win a Galaxy Gear like this guy below: Bob asked us to withhold his name so no one tries to take this coveted Galaxy Gear.  🙂  The story I want to tell is more exciting to us here @Centrify. The real reason Bob came to the Centrify booth was to learn more about Centrify’s special offer for Salesforce.com Single Sign On.  After hearing about our capabilities in connecting Active Directory identities to SaaS and Mobile Apps as…

Samsung KNOX and Mobile “Zero Sign-On”

In my last blog post I discussed what Samsung KNOX is and the release of our Centrify for Samsung KNOX solution that delivers “Zero Sign-On” to web and rich Mobile applications within KNOX as well as provides Active Directory-based container and device management. In this blog post I want to provide a bit more color commentary on what the “Zero Sign-On” (ZSO) capabilities that Centrify provides that comes standard with KNOX.

Introducing Centrify for Samsung KNOX

Last week we announced an expansion of our partnership with Samsung and the general availability of our Centrify for Samsung KNOX solution that delivers “Zero Sign-On” to web and rich Mobile applications within Samsung KNOX as well as provides Active Directory-based container and device management. In this blog post I want to provide a bit more color commentary on what is Samsung KNOX and what is the solution that Centrify provides that comes standard with KNOX.

Centrify Announces Availability of Samsung KNOX Solutions

Today we took a significant step forward in our OEM technology partnership with Samsung,announcing 3 key milestones marking the launch of Samsung KNOX:

1. Centrify for Samsung KNOX is now generally available and provided at no extra cost for use on ANY Samsung KNOX licensed devices.
2. Centrify is now a Samsung KNOX reselller, which means you can buy Samsung KNOX licenses globally from Centrify – starting today.
3. AllThingsKNOX.com – your one stop resource center for Samsung KNOX is now live!

Centrify for Samsung Knox in Action Part 2: Support for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10

This week at the IFA show in Berlin —a large consumer and mobile trade event — not only did Samsung announce their smartwatch (the Galaxy Gear), their new version of their “phablet” smartphone (the Galaxy Note 3, which I blogged about in my last blog post), but they also announced an update to their tablet (the Galaxy Note 10) that will also be available at the end of September. Well at the IFA show we also got our hands on a Galaxy Note 10 and we had no problems getting it up and installed with Centrify. Let’s see it in action via some photos!