The Centrify Way

Every new software developer who works at Centrify attends a one-hour session with a man named Leo.  Leo, Lead Escalation Engineer, a tall man with a big, booming voice, with bigger personality, would tell the new hires.  “You do your jobs – develop new products and features.  But when I come to you for help, YOU DROP EVERYTHING AND HELP ME, BECAUSE I REPRESENT CUSTOMERS.”

Leo signifies The Centrify Way better than anybody else.  We don’t put the slogan “Customer Comes First” on the wall.  We live it.  When a customer problem needs attention of developers, it takes higher precedence over everything else we do.  Developers engage in both support and pre-sales activities quite a bit.

The heavy focus on supporting customers may sound challenging for developers, but I think it is great.  We learn so much from customers – real-world problems they face, market trend, and so on.

It also makes the work environment special, when people with different perspectives – customers, sales engineers, support engineers, developers – work together closely to achieve a common goal.  This is the kind of thing that makes my Cava or Sapporo taste better in the evening.

The Centrify Way, combined with our serious commitment to testing, is why we have an excellent customer retention rate of 97%.

So please don’t hesitate to tell us your needs and perspectives.  For example, you can post a comment in this blog or send me e-mail.  We will take it seriously.