Using CAC and Smart Card Reader on Mac OS X

If you have Common Access Card (CAC), and a smart card reader, you can start using them on Mac OS X.

 Smart Card Applications

 By installing Centrify Express for Smart Card, you can start using smart card with applications, such as Safari browser, or Outlook.  This allows you to enter a CAC protected web site, sign and encrypt e-mail.  You can also use in-house or third party applications that access smart card through Tokend interface, as Express for Smart Card provides Tokend (smart card drivers) for CAC, PIV and CACNG cards.

 You can download Express for Smart Card here:

 Smart Card Login

 By installing Centrify DirectControl (CDC) for Mac, you can do all of the above, plus control login to MacOS X.  You can use smart card to log in and unlock screen of Mac.  System Administrator can require users to use smart card to log in by setting a Group Policy.

 You can request free trial of DirectControl for Mac here: