What is Customer Success?

Customer Success at Centrify is more than just an approach to account management or the name of a department. It is a mindset that reaches from the pre-sales process to renewal. With every interaction, Centrify’s goal is to add and drive value for our customers and partners. Centrify as a company is fully invested in the entire customer journey, as every area in the company is focused on our customers’ success, from the moment they sign-up to support and engineering, from professional services to marketing and from product management to our executive team. Every one of these areas are not just interacting with our customers, but are there to assist with guidance, insight and most importantly to listen.

Customer Success Focus Areas

When it comes to Centrify’s customer success managers (CSMs), there are three primary areas of focus:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Adoption
  3. Retention

Personally, each of these areas are equally critical to focus on daily — not for what they provide to Centrify, but how they benefit our customers.


On boarding ensures the proper start to the customer journey. Centrify has a comprehensive onboarding methodology that usually includes a Centrify Professional Services engagement. However, customers can also (easily) deploy with their own technical resources. In either case, Centrify’s website has detailed documentation, videos and knowledge base articles to assist from beginning–to-end with Centrify Identity Service.


Adoption is where customers start seeing real value from the solutions purchased. Without strong adoption, typically, there is not an opportunity for customers to grow and leverage additional and/or more complex features of the product(s). We measure adoption at Centrify as one indicator of customer health and to ensure there is progression during the customer journey. Also, this is the phase CSMs work very closely with customers to understand their use cases and help unravel opportunities for further usage of Centrify’s solutions.


Retention is important for Customer Success, not just from a financial perspective, but as a great indicator of the strength of our relationship with our customers. CSMs are trusted advisors and customers look to them for guidance and best practices. Customers vote with their dollars and choose to stay with Centrify only when their onboarding and adoption phases go “as-good-as planned” or “better-than planned.” Centrify invests in building relationships with its customers so that they can better understand their pain points, learn how to improve the product and, most importantly, improve all our customers’ successes.

Lastly, as a customer success manager, we find excitement in knowing that our customers are fully deployed and are receiving value out of solutions. We feel the Customer Success efforts made in tandem with our customers have helped their end users save time by being more productive throughout their work days.

Take-a-look at Centrify’s microsite here to get a feel for some of the resources available to help with onboarding.